Friday, February 17, 2017

Leeco Le Max 2 Developer Stock Rom Version 5.9.446D

Leeco Le Max 2 Developer Stock Rom Version 5.9.446D


This rom Has been obtained from chinese forum
Rom is working perfectly though theres is some chinese bloatware which can be disabled
This is a stock rom and can be installed from stock recovery
"No need to unlock bootloader and install twrp"
There are some good features in this rom
Recent UI has been changed check below screen shots

Screen Shots

Procedure to install:

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing this rom. you do so at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself. 

Method 1:
1. Download rom from below given link
2. Place the rom in root folder of internal storage
3. Rename the as ""
4. Tap on the and tap on upgrade

If this method does not work try below method

Method 2:
1. do the first three steps of the method one
2. then go system update application ,then tap on the dots preset on top right of app
3. then tap on local update

Troubleshooting after installation if problems faced:
1.     How to disable Chinese apps:
Open Phone Manager - App Warehouse- and disable all Chinese and unrequired apps

2.     Apps cannot be downloaded from play store on mobile data:
Work around is open Downloads app - tap on three dots in top right the settings you will find download by data not allowed change that to no limit by swiping up and down

3.     Those who do factory reset after installing rom loses play store:
             It can be downloaded from below links, install two apps given in the below link

Rom:  Download

Playstore: Download 1 , Download 2

Any doubts comment below


  1. Ist es auch für die India Version geeignet (x821)?

    1. it works with all versions of le max 2

    2. Can I get official updates or will I need to install the official update by doing the same process as said above again

    3. Is this update higher then 21s? Ya seems like main launcher is not working.

  2. Which is better? 5.9.446 or 5.8.19s

  3. Which is better? 5.9.446 or 5.8.19s

  4. Thanks a lot! And does OTA work or we have to do it manually every time a update releases?

  5. What about updates and rooting?